Zeuorian Series Author

C. Zablockis

Cindy is an author of paranormal, dark fantasy and horror stories. Several of her short fiction have appeared in numerous anthologies, popular magazines and other publications throughout the past two decades.
It wasn't until recently she published her first novel part of the Zeuorian series. The series novels and short stories are available at most popular online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and iTunes.

Little Story

Cindy was born in Southern California and spent most of her life traveling the United States in a motorhome or reading books from the library. Her favorite books were horror or thrillers with some type of paranormal twist. She spent countless nights reading stories under the stars while camping in the California redwoods or Brookings, Oregon along Highway 101.

It was during one of her summer trips to the redwoods she wrote her first short story at the age of six. From that point forward she enjoyed making up stories from something she saw or experienced. During her junior year in high school, her English teacher encouraged her to publish one of her short stories. She even went as far as sending one to a magazine, which they published. It wasn’t until 2008 did she decide to publish a novel after being encouraged by co-workers at Harcourt Publishing.

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