Everett Knight

Zeuorian Series Character

A Few Facts About Him

• 18 years old
• 6 feet Tall
• Slender Build
• Dishwater Blond Hair
• Muted blue-green eyes with silver specks
• Likes Nickelback & Elvis

Although he acts and dresses like a surfer, he doesn't live up to their typical bad rep. He's able to crack any code or security system on the planet. He even hacked government satellites, but he won't openly admit it. He plans to attend MIT, just like Lexi, and study computer engineering.

He owns a 1967 Shelby Mustang that he is trying to restore, but not that well. It still needs a lot of work. It seems he's better behind a computer desk than under a car hood. But lucky for him Lexi knows how to fix cars. He's hoping she'll give it a little TLC and maybe him too..

Character Interview

You're a senior at Brookings High School one of those computer nerds who plans to attend MIT?

"I prefer computer hacker." Everett shot her a devious smile. "There's no system on this planet I can't access."

So you and Lexi hit it off right away?

"What can I say, she prefers a guy with brains and a smokin' hot car." Everett winked at her.

I'm sure the fact you're in all her classes helps your chance to be with her?

A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of Everett's mouth. "Is it that obvious what I'm up to?"

Yeah it is. Since we're on the subject of Lexi, what do you think of her?

"She's an angel." Everett let out a sigh. "Perfect in every way possible. Nothing I ever expected of someone like her."

Like what?

"You know, hot. Normally girls who look like her, have an ego bigger than this room. The only boys they want are pretty boys who act like arrogant jerks."

You mean like Tyler?

Everett snorted. "Yeah. Just like him."

So I gather you don't like him?

"Ah, what gave that a way?" Everett asked, half jokingly.

Oh. The annoyed look on your face.

"Let's just say, we're not the best of buds."

What do you think about him going after Lexi? I'm sure it must be discouraging knowing he always gets what he wants?

"Not this time." Everett laughed.

How can you be sure?

A little birdie told me so. A mischievous smile brushed his lips.

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