Tyler Moore

Zeuorian Series Character

A Few Facts About Him

• 18 years old
• 6 feet tall
• Muscular Build
• Jet Black Hair
• Deep Blue Eyes
• Likes Eminem music

He's not your average popular boy. Besides being hot, rich and captain of the football and track team, he's also the class president and national champion of the debate team. He's already been accepted by Harvard, which isn't that far from MIT where Lexi hopes to attend. He plans to study law so he can become a partner at his father's law firm.

He an amateur blogger. He posts articles on his blog and has a large following, including Lexi. He writes about his daily life, school and hobbies, specifically photography. He owns a Canon EOS 5D Mark III that is mounted on a stand on his balcony. It's equipped with a powerful zoom lens so he can capture close up shots of surfers in the ocean or Lexi on the rock along the coast.

Character Interview

So you're a senior at Brookings High School. The captain of the football team, the track team and the debate team. You have countless trophies on display in the school hall. You have a 4.0 GPA and on the honors roll. And, let's face it, you look like a sculpted statue of a Greek God. How is that possible?

Tyler shrugged. "School comes easy to me so I have a lot of time to train."

Wow, by the size of your muscles, you must spend a lot of time in the gym. But that doesn't account for your appearance?

"What can I say, it's all in the genes."

I guess that's why you're the most talked about person at the school. You must have over hundreds of messages on your Facebook page. I can't count the number of photos of you posted on other student's pages?

"Yeah, what about it?"

Well, some people don't like being in the spotlight, but you seem to enjoy it?

"It's a sign of respect and I deserve it. Plus, my father expects it of me. I'm a Moore."

What does that mean?

Tyler scoffs. "He thinks we're royalty and should act as such."

Is that why you've dated practically all the girls in school to keep up heirs for your father?


So why did you date so many girls then?

"I was hoping to forget a girl."

You mean Lexi?

Tyler's eyes narrowed. "How do you know about her?"

Everyone knows you've had a thing for her since your sophomore year, but she refuses to talk to you?

"Oh that." Tyler smirked. "She's talking to me now after what happened on the beach the other night."

What happened?

"Nothing you need to know."

Okay. So why do you like Lexi? She doesn't dress like everyone else or even act like them?

"That's what I like about her. She's different. And if you take away her hand-me-down clothes, she looks better than any mythological Greek Goddesses. No other girl can touch her. I know if she gives me a chance, I'll make her happy. Because we're meant to be together."

How do you know that?

"Because I do."

So what do you think about all the other boys chasing after her?

"I don't. None of them have a chance with her."

Oh, really. What about Everett? I saw her sitting next to him in all their classes?

Tyler's jaw tightened and he shifted in his seat. "You mean he was talking and sitting next to her while she tried to ignore him."

Oh. I see. But it seemed his plan was working, because he managed to get her to talk several times.

"Yeah, well that won't last too long if I get my way," Tyler smirked, "and I always get what I want."


"Yes. A-l-w-a-y-s," Tyler said the word slowly pronouncing each letter clearly

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